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10 Tips on How to Select the Best Roofer in Ljubljana for Your Home

Are you getting frustrated about finding the best Roofer in Ljubljana? Is your roof suddenly leaks and needs repair? Is your roof have discoloration due to old age and needs to be replaced into a new one? One night, a strong storm landed at your place, and a big tree falls to your roof. What to do? You need some roof restoration, who to call? One of your roof shingles is removed, who to call? These are some of the reasons why people look for a roofer. But, who is the best? Who is perfect for the job?

Nowadays, one of the challenging problems of homeowners like you is finding the best Roofer in Ljubljana who can fix and replace your roof. It doesn’t mean that whoever knocks to your door can be your roofer especially on times when a destructive storm hits your roof. All necessary roof repair and replacement must be performed and get back to normal.

Finding a Ljubljana Roofing contractor who is honest, trustworthy and professional can be challenging to find – but with your extensive searching and following these useful tips, you can come up with the best Roofer in Ljubljana. Here are the ten valuable tips you can consider in finding a reputable and trusted roofer that can offer efficient yet cost-effective services.

1) Find Local Referrals

If you need a new roof installation or roof repair, it would be advantageous to find Ljubljana Roofing contractor who is available within your community. You can ask recommendations from your friends or other homeowners who already undergo roofing services. You can also ask them about how the roofing company handled their roofs.

Apart from people referrals, you can also consider checking the internet and read reviews from different people. Testimonials from various homeowners can be your standard if a roofing company is delivering quality work and services. You can also request some of their previous works and assess them.

To know the reputation of the roofing company, you can check the accreditations which show how a roofing company offers services. Also, local roofers are advantageous because they are easy to find and they are familiar with local rules and code regulations in your area. If in case the problem arises, you can quickly notify them.

2) Check the Roofer’s License and Insurance

This one is important to find out. A trustworthy Roofer in Ljubljana must have proper licensing as a business, either D.O.O. or S.P. and having an insurance for all of its employees. You may ask the contractor if he can provide their insurance certificate for checking. Lack of protection can lead to conflict between the contractor and you especially when a roofing employee accidentally injured within your home.

When choosing a Ljubljana Roofing contractor for your home, make sure that they can show you their legitimate business license and be willing to be checked. Other contractors tend to do roofing jobs without license and insurance which is illegal.

Professional Ljubljana Roofing contractors undergo various pieces of training in their field and also for safety. If the roofing contractor candidate shows appropriate business license and a proper insurance, it means the contractor is trustworthy and expert at his roofing field.

3) Professionalism and Quality of Service

A professional Ljubljana Roofing contractor offers you a free quote and asks your preferences. The contractor should listen to your needs and your budget. The Roofer in Ljubljana should also explain all possible options for your roof and the reasonable expenses to be made.

Also, find a Ljubljana Roofing contractor that specializes in the kind of work you want. For example, if you’re going to have clay roof shingles, you need to find a roofing contractor that is good in clay shingle installation. If you need roof repair and roof installation, you can check the roofing credentials and search for their quality of work.

An efficient contractor also comes on time and accurately answers your calls. Through these actions, it shows that the contractor is professional, trustworthy and reliable.


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4) Choose the Quality of Work over Price

You can also encounter roofers who offer low price which is tempting on your part. Price is not the main factor to be considered in roof installation or roof repair. There are reputable roofing companies charges you higher cost due to additional expenses like insurance and certifications.

When a roofing company offers the lowest price, there is a significant tendency that materials are not sturdy or low quality. These materials can only last up to months which is too short. It’s much better to spend money on quality materials than in cheaper but low-quality roof materials.

When you find a Roofer in Ljubljana and work at cheaper cost, think again. It might cause you future problems and cost you more money in the long run. A trustworthy and honest Ljubljana Roofing contractor will work to solve the problem not to add additional issues in the future.

5) Don’t Believe with the “Convenient Roof Salesman”

This type of salesman usually appears when a destructive storm or hailstorm landed to your area. Often, when a storm hits an area, possible roof shingles are broken and leaked.

After the storm, you badly need to find a Roofer in Ljubljana who can fix your roof and here the roof salesman appears. They usually offer roofing services at the lowest price giving you the guarantee that your roof will be repaired. How sure are you that this convenient roof salesman can provide your needs? Words are not enough; legal credentials and quality of work is strictly needed.

Don’t settle for a low price without even knowing the background of the roofer. It is best advised to ask for a referral or get reviews from satisfied customers. Make sure that the Roofer in Ljubljana has a distinguished record regarding the quality of work and service. You can also ask a referral from your insurance company as well.

6) Check for the Presence of Warranty

In choosing a Roofer in Ljubljana, make sure that warranties are included in the coverage of the contractor’s work. How sure are you that your newly installed roof last for years? In this question, assurance is the best answer.

Warranties works when the contractor installed your roof correctly. Sometimes, damage from incorrect roof installation shows up to months or years then warranties won’t valid. If there is no warranty, the contractor in charge will not fix the damage and end up looking for another Roofer in Ljubljana which is another expense.

Usually, a manufacturer warranty last from 20 to 50 years and for the contractor it starts from two to four years. It is vital that you have these warranties to assure that your roof is free from possible damage or defects caused by roofing materials or incorrect roof installation.

7) Know the Materials to Be Used

A good Roofer in Ljubljana will offer you the best style and color of roof shingles that fit your roof. Some contractors will not provide you other shingle options. Some contractors don’t consult their clients if they like the style of roof shingles, its color and also its form.

You need to make sure that every material used in your roof are under warranty and can last for many years. You can ask for a manufacturer’s warranty to assure that all materials are durable and in quality condition.

Roof shingles can affect the home’s value. If in case your insurance company is covering a new roof, it would be perfect for upgrading your roof with extensive design and durable roof shingles. If you’re looking for a right Ljubljana Roofing contractor, find one who listens and asks for your preferences.

8) Beware of the “Claim Specialist”

Don’t let any roofing contractor handle your insurance. No such legal contractor can act on your behalf in negotiating with your insurance claim. If ever a roofer offers you to serve as your behalf in claiming your insurance, don’t settle in that set-up. This type of roofers is breaking the law. In other places, it is illegal for contractors to act as a representative on behalf of the homeowner in negotiating on your insurance claim.

9) Don’t Get Pressured

There are instances that contractors tend to pressure you to sign a contract before the insurance company assessed the damage. Some contractors promise that they can whatever the insurance company settles upon. You cannot be sure that they can do it. Don’t settle with promises; be more realistic.

As the homeowner, you need to ensure that you get is not an estimated amount, but the exact and right amount. A good Ljubljana Roofing contractor should comprehensively check the roofs as well as the home to check if the insurance adjuster didn’t miss any damages.

10) Direct and Clear Communication between You and the Roofer

The key to productive work is communication. Make sure that you choose Roofer in Ljubljana who can give all jobs in details. You must determine what will be the expecting costs and how long the roofing job will takes. Find a Ljubljana Roofing contractor that acknowledge full payment when the job is complete, and you’re satisfied with their work.

If you are working with an insurance company, make sure that Roofer in Ljubljana stays in the funds provided to them. You don’t have to pay for additional expenses, because an insurance company covers what is needed. Also, make sure that the roofing company has an excellent record in customer service which includes answering your inquiries through calls or in person efficiently, providing necessary documents and accurately to answer you. Lastly, make sure that there are always written details about your roof and the expenses incurred.

With all of these tips, you will come up with the best and perfect roofing contractor for your home. Never decide with price or costs alone; you need to check their capacity to do an adequate job. Some roofing contractors used to disappear when a payment is settled. There are also some roofing companies that don’t do their job efficiently which can cause a longer time of fixing and installing.

By comprehensively looking for the qualifications of an excellent Roofer in Ljubljana, you can make sure that your roof is in good hands and can last up to many years. In looking the right roofing contractor, try to check the testimonials of their satisfied customers. These reviews and testimonials are good indications that a roofing company is doing their service and job efficiently.

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