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Achieve a Unique Aesthetics by installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana

Are you thinking of putting a unique touch to your property? Try installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana. Having this type of roofing to your home can attract your neighborhoods and other people. It is a good idea to have roof shingles which are appealing yet offers durability. It also provides curb appearance and offers functional benefits that will surely help you.

If you’re interested in having a clay roof, you can ask our roofing contractor about the roof materials needed and the roofing costs as well.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana

Apart from it enhances the aesthetic look of your house, having clay roofing installation can improve the insulation of your home. Clay roofs are known to be energy efficient. They can keep your home cool during summer and warm during the winter. Here are some pros and cons of installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana;

Clay roof offers beauty and elegance in every home. These roof shingles can be express in various styles and through siding materials. Also, these shingles can even last up to decades. It gives a simple yet classic beauty to your house. It can also be an excellent resistant to fire and insects.

Aside from giving curb appeal and resistance, clay roofs are also easy to maintain. If in case you found out a broken clay shingle, the contractor can easily replace it. Also, it can significantly increase the market value of your home by choosing clay roofs.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana

On the contrary, installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana is quite expensive to obtain compared to other types of roofs. It is estimated that to have a clay roof, and you need to pay two to three times the typical price of other roof materials. Of course, tile, and slate are still the most expensive type of roof. Also, clay roofs can last up 75 to 100 years with proper maintenance and installation.

Additionally, installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana is quite complicated to install. Clay shingles are indeed heavy, and they can weigh up to 850 pounds per square roof. Aside from they are heavy, clay tiles are prepared precisely and laid correctly with a particular pattern. You need to hire a professional roofing contractor if you consider having a clay roof.

Also, even though clay roofs are known to be durable, they can also break through sudden impacts such as fallen tree and too much pressure when walking on them.

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Let our company provide the services in installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana

If you want to achieve a unique look at your home, you can ask set an appointment with our contractors. You can also figure out if your house is qualified to have clay roofing installation with a thorough assessment of our team. If in case you consider installing a Clay Roof in Ljubljana , you can ask questions like what are the possible materials and the roofing costs as well.


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