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Obtain an Energy-Saving Home by installing Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana

Are you thinking of installing Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana? Are you fond of plants and vegetables? Let our company provide you with a roof with plenty of plants and vegetation. Aside from shingle roofs, flat roofs, and concrete roof, our company offers this new roofing technology that every nature enthusiast will love. This new roofing technology is called Green Roofing.

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What is Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana?

Green roofing or what we call the “living roof” is a roof that is surrounded with medium growing plants and vegetation. It also acts as an extension of the existing roof. These plants and vegetables are planted in a waterproofing membrane. The green roof has various layers to support the plants and vegetables. These layers are drainage, root barrier and irrigation systems.

With the help of the green roof, it can extend the lifespan of the existing roof up to two to three times on the overall lifespan. These green roofs are widely recognized in Europe because they can last up to 30 to 50 years.

How does a Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana work?

Through these green roofs, you can reduce or eliminate air contaminants. It can also produce more oxygen and obtain a shade. It can also help in the cooling process of air through evapotranspiration. Also it can assist in minimizing the stormwater runoff and improve the quality of water. It can also be an ideal habitat for small animals. It can also reduce noise and air pollution.

We need this green roofs to minimize the heat production of your roof. It can also reduce the energy for cooling and heating which can result in significant savings.


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How to install Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana?

If you’re interested in having a green roof, you should first consult professional roofing contractors. The contractor will comprehensively assess your roof if it can extend a green roof. Generally, a living roof can cost 25% to 30% more than the typical traditional roof like a shingle roofs or flat roofs.

Can I walk to a Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana?

Yes, but it depends. If the roof is fertilized once a year, walking is not an issue. Though, be careful when it freezes. It is not recommended to walk on the roof when the plants are frozen. It may result in damage to the vegetation and plants.

Let our company install your Green Roofing Technology in Ljubljana

With these great benefits, no wonder everyone wants a “living roof.” Aside from being eco-friendly, it also enhances the aesthetic appearance of a house but also a particular building.

Apart from obtaining a general type of roof like a concrete roof, you might consider extending your existing roof with a “green roof.” To know more about this roof, you can freely ask our professional roofing contractors.


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